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Europcar Stockholm Airport

Being an international company, Europcar car hire, has been operating in 160 countries and it has got 3049 branches on a whole. The services of this company have been enjoyed by the people of Europe, Africa, Middle East, Indian Ocean, Canada, Central America, Mexico, Caribbean and Asia-Pacific.

The offices or car hire helpdesk is available at all the popular airports and railway stations in the cities of recipient countries. 120 towns and cities have collectively represented the valuable service of Europcar car hire offices exclusively.

It is considered to be a part of the list where 10 topmost car hire companies have been recognized in Stockholm. The company has organized its centers in the terminal buildings of the major airports as well as railway stations of Stockholm. Additionally, you can learn about the car hire firms that work off-site at Stockholm airport. We will help you in extracting this information about the car hire firms within a matter of few seconds. We can even offer you the list of car hire firms those have services such as provision of bus service link to the airport.

Renting a Car from Europcar at Stockholm Airport

Europcar car hire centers follow a policy of verification prior to offering services to their customers. When you plan to book a car for your journey from Stockholm airport then you must keep in mind that the following list of items must show before you hire a car: Driving License: In case, you want to drive a car home by yourself then you need to carry a UK license. Based on the license permit, you will be able to rent a car from Stockholm airport.

Passport: Most of the times, the car hire officials might even verify your passport before you actually rent a car. By showing your credit card, you can ensure that in case car is damaged then the company might charge you fine. These damage claims will need to be paid for you if the car gets damaged in the rental period. This rental period starts soon after you have hired Europcar for rent. You are highly recommended to avoid consuming alcohol prior to driving according t o road rules of Stockholm. The driving rules become very strict and come into action in case you are found to be driving after drinking. The breath analyzing test is conducted frequently on drivers in Stockholm so you must see to it that you are not caught on the spot. Since, you have to pay high fee as a fine on the spot if your limit of alcohol consumption is detected during the breath analyzing test.