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Stockholm Tourist Attractions

Stockholm is considered to be the heart of Scandinavia, i.e. it is the capital of Sweden. Another reason why it is called the heart of the country is the scenic beauty it possesses. There are ample of places those attract tourists and this is why people crave for Swedish holiday. Visitors can observe how this capital of Scandinavia connects the route to north of Sweden where they can indulge in some adventurous activities. It has enveloped the history of past 800 years along with the cultural traces. Architecture of Stockholm proves to be very famous places of sight-seeing. Whether you are visiting this Swedish place for the first time or have been here most of the times, you will be equally delighted to enjoy natural treat in terms of sight as well as sound. It is obvious that preferences of people will vary from each other.

Gamla Stan is one of the common attractions which should be visited for sure, if you are in Stockholm. It is the ancient town, its history dates back in the medieval era. For others, modern art galleries are the appealing and they appreciate the hard-work of the artists. Nightlife of this city is something that visitors should not miss. As the natural light fades and night approaches, the city can be observed with awesome surroundings. The casinos, clubs and similar spots make the scenario of Stockholm livelier. This huge city comprises of 14 islands which connect together to form Stockholm. Moreover, over 50 bridges on Lake Malaren also contribute to the formation of this city.

On a whole, it can be maintained that if you are visiting Sweden, then you must visit Stockholm for sure to enjoy its exquisiteness. Vasa Museum is one of the top attractions after Gamla Stan. This museum is a testimony to the adventure of the people of this city in water. It has preserved the ship which was used in the 1600s. The Vasa warship will enliven your mood and you might surely be able to imagine the venture undertaken in those days. If you want to attend the spots that draw your attention along with your family then you are recommended to visit Skansen. It is a museum with open surroundings and successfully portrays ancient times of Sweden. On the other hand, if you have just accompanied your spouse to Stockholm then you are advised to visit Moderna Museet. It is an art gallery which consists of modern art.

If you are visiting Stockholm for the first time then it is definite that you would need to stay at hotels. There are numerous hotels in this huge city and have capability to serve you in an exclusive way. Sheraton Stockholm hotel is one of the famous highlights of the season which offers special offer at present. The hotel offers free breakfast to the visitors, this special scheme has been introduced from May 15, 2012 and will last till December 31, 2012. Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel is ranked as the topmost hotel which has been ranked as #1 due to its wonderful features. It is known that even staff at this hotel is very polite and serves its guests in a very warm manner. It is chosen as very welcoming accommodation by travelers who have stayed here in the past. It has even won an award for its excellent performance in 2012.

Lydmar Hotel has been chosen by the travelers and they have ranked it as 4th best hotel. Due to the selection of travelers, the hotel has been awarded 4th rank in 2012. It can be concluded that whether you stay at a hotel or you have purchased home over here, Stockholm welcomes you with its scenic beauty.