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Stockholm Airport

Stockholm is entitled as the natural capital of Scandinavia and there are many reasons behind the same. The foremost reason is it situated centrally in Scandinavia and has superior communications. Another reason that validates aforesaid statement is that it is the largest city of Scandinavia. The presence of multi-national companies draw the attention of millions of tourists or visitors throughout the year. The largest stock exchange can be noticed in this city of Scandinavia. Cuisine, Music and art (design) are the prominent specialties of this city, hence, tourists show interest in Stockholm to a greater extent. The addition of art galleries as well as museums over here spellbinds tourists considerably. Coming to the other center of attraction is Arlanda which indeed may be determined as a chief hub to reach Stockholm. Arlanda serves as the largest airport of Sweden.

Detailed Guide for Passengers

At Stockholm Airport, we believe in updating its information from time to time so that passengers can utilize it accordingly. This wise step of ours helps you in avoiding last minute confusion and commute easily. Modes of commutation are buses, train taxis as well as private transfer alternative is offered to travelers too. General directions are also offered in an interactive as well as informative way by sign boards and likewise at Stockholm airport. If you are living in the central region of Stockholm then ideally, you can use Arlanda. Your experience after using the services of Arlanda will be very pleasant. You would in turn feel glad to share the same with your fellow mates and friends. You might find some quick tips from us to know the facilities in a better way.

Let us start from the upgrade of Terminal. Terminal 3 is the recent addition. There are some facts which will impress you definitely. To start with, 19 million passengers used Stockholm airport to commute in the year 2011. Stockholm airport is popular among the people of Scandinavia ever since it has been established. The total statistics of passengers who travelled through Stockholm airport may be divided into the domestic as well as international travelers. In simple words, 14.3 million people were international travelers while 4.7 million passengers used domestic airlines. The latter fact implies that the native passengers used the Stockholm Arlanda airport frequently too. In addition to this, we need to assess the movement of the flights in the last year to examine the busy schedules. It is recorded that 211,000 flights in total passed through this airport. In other words take off and landing of airlines in the year 2011 was 211,000 .

The total statistics about the movements include both domestic as well as international airlines too. The former managed to score the count of 73,000 which was lesser than the latter as it has 13,000 airlines to its credit. It is obvious that most of the business houses involve the transfer of their goods via plane. These goods are termed as cargo and in turn the amount of cargo carried by airplanes through Stockholm Arlanda airport 195, 000 tonnes. Let us quickly see which airlines pass via Stockholm airport and approximately how many. On a regular basis, over 82 airlines fly through Arlanda. If we split the total count, it is known that 63 airlines are bound to international destinations. 5 airlines include domestic as well as the international route. 2 flights are meant for domestic routes only whereas 12 airlines carry cargo as well as mails. On a whole 82 airlines depart Stockholm Arlanda airport frequently.

Airport Information

Official Name:
Time Zone:
GMT +1.0
Latitude (DD):
Longitude (DD):
Latitude (DMS):
59° 39’ 7" N
Longitude (DMS):
17° 55’ 7" E
Passengers (2017):
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3,301m (10,830ft)
45m (148ft)
2,500m (8,201ft)
45m (148ft)
2,500m (8,202ft)
45m (148ft)