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Stockholm Airport Parking

Stockholm airport offers you parking arenas at four places, namely, public car park P1 zone which can be found opposite passenger terminals, car park zone for public P 7 at the general aviation terminal, the express parking area which is positioned at the second level of P 2 opposite Terminal T 2 exit and car Park 3 in the aeronautics arena. The fourth parking zone mentioned here, is basically meant for heavy as well as tall vehicles. You can even utilize 5 parking areas those are situated in the departures zone of Terminal 3. Interestingly, in the arrivals area, you can find 6 parking places.

If you are busy but want to secure your parking area at Stockholm airport for your vehicle then it is advisable to book the same online. The airport authorities are associated with a company that offers parking facilities to the passengers. This company can be contacted online to reserve your parking space. Even though the website is in the native language but still you can book your place easily. In just few steps like entering date and related details of departure or arrivals and you can receive a quote.

Prior to booking a parking space for you, the website will ask you to register your basic details as well as vehicle registration information and finally book the parking place for you. This is implemented to verify your vehicle as well as to reserve the place for booking for you according to those details. Moreover, in case of any mishap or last minute confusions, if your basic details are not in the records of website then you might not get the parking place. In order to avoid such inconveniences, the website ensures that everything goes well for the users who have booked the parking zone in advance.

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If you are not aware about the parking space which is reserved for you, you can contact the Helpline number on the website when you are about to reach. As soon as you reach the airport, you can park your vehicle at the right place without any delay.