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Stockholm Airport Buses

There is a wide range of choices of buses for you to choose from at Stockholm airport. These buses are bound to various locations in Stockholm. There are few buses those are non-stop which means it stops at the last stop only. You can choose the bus on the basis of its route number. The list of various routes is mentioned in the timetable above. It is solely up to you whether you want to travel through bus with no stop or by the one that stops at various bus stops. You can board the bus from the forecourt which is located outside the Terminal 3 of Stockholm airport. A newly built ticket office is available at the airport from where you can buy tickets for your journey.

Airport Bus from Stockholm to Arlanda Bus Station

The airport bus leaves from Stockholm airport to the Arlanda bus station and passes through Toll Road for its destination. The total time taken by the bus to reach Arlanda from the airport is almost few minutes. The reason behind this is the rapid bus system which implies that buses move at a high pace relatively. The fare charges depend upon the distance from the airport to the bus stop where you want to get down. However, fares are fairly cheaper than the toll road charge which is levied in summers.

If your destination to get down the bus is Arlanda then possibly you can reach faster and you will be charged cheapest fare. You will even observe that your journey is smooth and easier. Your route may be different as well as several changes may be noticed if you want to go ahead than Arlanda bus station.

Payment procedure: At Stockholm airport, it is no longer necessary that you will be required to pay to the bus driver. In fact, you can buy tickets from the booth which is located at the ticket counter outside the arrivals hall. The buses stop near to this ticket booth. You are advisable to carry some change and not just SEK 50 so that executive finds it easy. On a contrary, if you pay him/her 50 kronor then you will hold up the queue while he/she finds change for you. The ticket offices make it easy for you to buy tickets in advance from the Arlanda bus stop. On a whole, airport bus service makes your journey quicker and convenient. It is indeed cheaper and you can reach your destination by shelling few kroner.