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Stockholm Airport Trains

In the Terminal 3, there is a suburban train station that has been newly constructed at Stockholm airport. You can even visit city center which is positioned in a direction and the other one is comprised of few resorts. This new train station is at the underground level of the Terminal building. But, it has got sufficient space and gets light-up with the natural light through the glass walls and roof. You can board the Arlanda Express train which starts from Arlanda airport to Stockholm central station and vice versa. You can board very quick service throughout out the day.

The distance between Arlanda airport and Stockholm central station is hardly 20 minutes. For one way journey, you will be charged SEK 280. If your child is 7 years old or below then you need to buy a ticket for him, it is free for children of the very age. You will have to pay a surcharge as it is charged while you purchase tickets at the time of boarding. There are even rail services those are meant for long distance travel from airport in Stockholm. Night trains which move along the north in Sweden are also available. You can even visit the official website Swedish state railways so that you get exact details about the train operating in Stockholm.

The nearest destination from Stockholm airport is Bromma. From the famous city of Sweden, Stockholm, one can reach Bromma very fast. The fares are variations depending on the distance of the journey by a passenger via train. The timetable is given below so that you can compare the price of the ticket till your destination from Stockholm airport. You can choose the train according to your convenience but you need to keep in mind the timings at which trains run. This will help you to reach the station on time because it is not worth reaching at a time when you might have to wait. It is solely up to you whether you have to buy tickets for one way or onward journey also. There is no such compulsion that you have to buy tickets for onward journey also. It is indeed a benefit for you that you can buy ticket according to your ease. You must keep in mind that bikes are not allowed at Stockholm airport but after 09:00 hours, you can take them.